Our aviation services include passenger handling, baggage handling, cargo handling and warehouse-handling. We are fully equipped to serve all types of aircrafts including general aviation aircrafts, widebody aircrafts and freighter aircrafts. We provide assistance to secure your overflight and landing permits,weather briefings and NOTAM information and aeronautical information services. We also handle diplomatic clearance and VIP services for diplomatic missions. We are proud to be the ground handling agents for all US Air Force Flights.

Our Flight handling team has all the required expertise, experience and knowledge In the Aviation Industry. We ensure absolute commitment to our core values or safety, efficiency and integrity. Sailing Tours is proud to be the first private organization in Maldives to offer AVCARD services. We are committed to ensuring that cardholders receive efficient services at every step of your global transaction cycle.


We offer ticketing, passenger and baggage check-in, passenger assistance, gate and boarding, private charter, security screening and special services.


We offer baggage and cargo handling services including include unloading, sorting and delivering baggage from screening to loading.


We also handle diplomatic clearance and VIP services for diplomatic missions.


We provide assistance in securing and processing your overflight and landing permits, weather briefings and NOTAM information services.


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Our well trained, friendly, professional and experienced staff are always available to accommodated you and fulfil your requirements.